Is Schwinn The Best Indoor Cycling Bike?

When you go shopping for an indoor spin bike, there are plenty of options to choose from – not just from one brand to another, but within each brand, too.  In this blog we discuss the popular spin bike brand "Schwinn".  Photo:  Groupon

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Nov 20

 Is Schwinn The Best Indoor Cycling Bike?

When you go shopping for an indoor spin bike, there are plenty of options to choose from – not just from one brand to another, but within each brand, too. Do you choose a recumbent bike? A no-frills exercise bike? An indoor cycling bike that will help you train for long-distance races? Before you spend the money, it’s good to know what your best choices are.


What is the Best Indoor Spin Bike?

The best indoor bike for you is ultimately up to your preferences, available space, and budget needs. While you can probably find a random one that’s operational and “good enough” wherever you go, if you want to have the best experience, we recommend trying to make your choice more personalized.

Some of the most common models that make the bestsellers’ list are from recognizable brands like Peloton and Keiser – both of which are known for high-end performance and a lot of attractive features, such as streamed exercise videos and media centres. On the budget-friendly side, you can get a Bladez Master or a ProGear 100S, which aren’t quite as loaded up with the latest technology, but still deliver a good pathway to consistent indoor exercise.

 If you’ve ever been to a spin class in a studio, though, or even used a stationary bike at a studio gym, you may have noticed that many of them tend to use the same style of bikes in a lot of locations. Generally a Schwinn spin bike, these ones need to be durable, customizable, and relatively easy to use – and the Schwinn Carbon Blue is an excellent choice for all of those.


Is Schwinn a Good Bike Brand?

While it might not be as well known as some of the others, Schwinn is an established brand in the indoor cycling world. Coming in at relatively cheap on the market, that may make some people think that the quality is less – but the company has been around for over a century, and for good reason. 

They offer several different styles and models of indoor bikes – including upright, recumbent, cycling, and even air resistance bikes. If you’re looking for a reliable brand with a solid following, Schwinn has got you covered.


Are Magnetic Spin Bikes Better?

In terms of longevity and maintenance, magnetic resistance spin bikes can offer top performance in the field. With no friction resistance (it is all done via magnetic forces between the pedal mechanism and the wheel), there is nothing to wear out, as on a traditional belt-driven indoor bike. However, they do cost a bit more up front, and it may be quite a while before the increased pricing is worth it.

The Schwinn Carbon Blue is not magnetic, but neither is it fully belt-driven. These models use carbon-fibre toothed belts that deliver a strong, genuine biking experience, but do not need adjustment, lubrication, or nearly as much maintenance as regular belts. Combined with the lightweight frame and high durability, they are one of the best all-around options out there, and a popular choice for homes and spin studios alike.


How to Use an Indoor Bike Properly

A Schwinn spin bike – or any home exercise bike you buy – is only as good as the way in which you use it, so get the most out of yours with the the best accessories, habits, and even posture while you’re using it. Little factors like proper height adjustments and elbow angle can make a big impact on how efficient your rides are, so be aware of what works best.

And if you’re taking part in spin classes, get the most out of them by fulling investing in the process and doing it right from start to finish. We’ve even got a guide for it. Remember, getting a bike is just the first step – the real fun begins once you can ride any time you like!

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