The Best Spin Bike Accessories 2020

THE BEST SPIN BIKE ACCESSORIES: In this blog we share some of our favorite spin bike accessories with you from around the internet....

Julian Lloyd

Jul 06

The Best Spin Bike Accessories 

So you just picked up a slick new spin bike, and have finally got it installed at home. You’re feeling good, and you’re ready to jump on and go for a ride….but now you’re wondering, am I missing something?


If you’ve just got the bike and nothing else, then unfortunately, the answer is yes!


To get the most out of your spin bike – whether it’s a Peloton, Schwinn, Stages, Keiser, or a Pro Gear – there are some must-have accessories. These will not only help you stay focused and entertained, but they’ll keep you clean, hydrated, and on track to hit your goals. Here are some of our personal favorites for the best spin bike accessories.


Spin Bike Accessories for Music & Inspiration

spin bike Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Long gone are the days of tangled wires and pulled-out headphone jacks while you’re cycling. Apple makes a pretty sweet pair of noise-cancelling Airpods that will help block out external noise, while staying snugly in your ears for an excellent wireless experience. If you need something with a bit more oomph, check out the Beats Solo3 on-ear headphones in your favorite color. Listen to music, podcasts, or a training video, and make the most of every minute on your bike.


If you need some additional inspiration to get you through the exertion, pick up a pennant from Rayo and Honey to hang in your space. Not only do they keep you motivated, but they’re unique, too – each one is hand-crafted in Brooklyn by a local artist.


Spin Bike Clothing and Hair Accessories


Spin bikes have a bunch of moving parts, so you don’t want hair or clothing to get caught in anything that will pull. Keep your hair in place and out of the way with Fit Ties from drip accessory, a hair tie that is designed to stay secure and keep its shape for life, without damaging, breaking, or losing grip on your hair.

the best spin bike accessories fit ties

For the ladies, a pair of LuluLemon’s WunderUnder tights is a great way to minimize resistance and ensure there are no hanging strings or fabric. Another good choice are these high-waisted leggings from Carbon38, which not only perform well, but look good, too. They go perfectly with the Under Armour Sports Bra, which delivers support and compression while wicking away moisture and still allowing a wide range of motion.

And of course, we can’t forget about the shoes! Having a good pair of spin bike shoes is important in preventing knee and hip injuries, and getting an effective grip and transfer of power to the pedal. A favorite among the dripaccessory team is the Fizik X5 Terra Mountain Bike shoe, made of carbon fiber and microtex for comfort and breathability. A study in December 2019 found that a flex shoe by Louis Garneau was the most comfortable, breathable, and efficient, so that’s a good option as well. If you’re in doubt, go to an athletics shop and ask for some assistance in finding a shoe that works for you.


Spin Bike Fitness Accessories

To keep yourself hydrated, you’ll need a decent water bottle that won’t leach chemicals, is easy to transport and fill, and stands out from the crowd. Our pick is one of the funky colors from Pursuit, which are BPA-free and leak proof.

spin bike apple smart watch

To monitor your heart rate, there are all kinds of devices you can use, from an Apple Watch to a Fitbit to any number of third-party apps. We prefer personal devices, as they get a better idea of your heart rate through the day and can store and analyze the data better. Knowing these numbers helps keep you at your target heart rate for maximum workout efficiency, so choose one that works best for you!


Of course, for any workout you’ll need something to wipe the sweat away, and we know from experience that you can’t go wrong with a spintowel that suits your bike. Once you’ve got your exercise area set up, you’re ready to get moving – and we know these accessories for spin bikes will have you coming back again and again!

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