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Welcome to the NO DROP ZONE! Spintowel keeps handlebars dry. Helps protect the bike from moisture. Avoid distraction... never drop your towel again!

  • The spintowel is a two piece towel set for an indoor cycling bike.

    For use in home or in studio. Available for Peloton, Schwinn and Stages handlebars.

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Love this spintowel!

I love the spintowel so much that I went ahead and ordered a second one! No more slipping off my handles because of the sweat or dropping my towel midway through the class. I have told all my Peloton friends about it. Thank you for thinking of this, drip accessory!!! Lindsey K.

spintowel is Awesome!

I sweat like crazy on the Peloton, and the Drip Accessory has made riding so much better. My hands don’t slip all over the handlebars, and I don’t have to worry about my towel falling off. I couldn’t recommend this more highly Shannon W.

I love the spintowel.

I love this product, I was always dropping my towel mid-ride, so I’m very happy there’s a strap! I sweat a lot, so I love the cover to protect the flywheel and handlebars. I came up on how to use the elastic strap on the face towel;  instead of hanging it on the handlebars of her bike, I put it on my upper arm!  Either way, you can’t lose (your towel, that is)!  I use it two ways – I put the strap high on my arm and tuck it in my top, or I just let it hang. Jean K.

#Catnap27 approved!!!

Might sound crazy but this little addition to my bike has truly upgraded my peloton experience. Great product even better quality. Vanessa L.

Super Necessary...

If you have a Peloton bike and don’t have this towel you’re missing out! I use it everyday and my only regret is that I didn’t have it from day one! James M.

Finally a Cool towel! Fits PERFECT!

This is the BEST idea ever. I never like using the club provided towels and always bring my own. I always need at least two to cover the handlebars. I was so excited to find a drip towel that was made for the Stages bike! It fits perfect! I cant wait for more colors to come out. Buy it! You will love it. Janet H.

Sweat Towels

Sweat towels are something that you might not think about needing until you've taken up a hobby that's as intense as a spin bike class - but once you've experienced the drip... you're going to realize you need a solution. What we offer is more than just a big and bulky gym sweat towel... our small sweat towel has been custom designed to fit your various brands of spin bikes so your bike stays dry, you stay dry, and you never drop your sports towel again.

Sweat Towel For Use With The Peloton Spin Bikes

Our spintowel is an incredible spin bike sweat towel which can be used with Peloton and also protects your handlebars from getting soaked. We are always upgrading and innovating with our spin bike accessories so be sure to always check back and find out what's new with products like our spintowel which is a sweat towel for use with the Peloton. This product we have designed for use with their spin bikes is both a sweat towel for your face as well as a handlebar towel to keep your handlebars dry the entire ride!

Sweat Towel For Use With The Schwinn Spin Bikes

We have designed sweat towels for use with more than just one brand of spin bike... if you are rocking with a Schwinn bike then you are going to want to see what we have for you too! Your Schwinn Carbon Blue handlebars will never be slippery again! Our custom design is going to ensure you have the best workout towel experience - trust us!

Sweat Towel For Use With The Stages Spin Bikes

Finally, we've also created a custom-fit sweat towel and handlebar cover for use with the Stages bikes. No more worrying about dropping your workout towel while in a spin class. No more slippery handlebars. Just pure focus!


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