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Designed for the bike that goes nowhere. Keeps handlebars dry. Helps protect the bike from moisture. Avoid distraction... never drop your towel again!

  • The spintowel is a two piece towel set for an indoor cycling bike.

    For use in home or in studio. Available for Peloton, Schwinn and Stages handlebars.

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  • drip accessory products are made by fitness lovers, for fitness lovers, designed to enhance and level up your next fitness experience.

Love this spintowel!

I love the spintowel so much that I went ahead and ordered a second one! No more slipping off my handles because of the sweat or dropping my towel midway through the class. I have told all my Peloton friends about it. Thank you for thinking of this, drip accessory!!! Lindsey K.

spintowel is Awesome!

I sweat like crazy on the Peloton, and the Drip Accessory has made riding so much better. My hands don’t slip all over the handlebars, and I don’t have to worry about my towel falling off. I couldn’t recommend this more highly Shannon W.

I love the spintowel.

I love this product, I was always dropping my towel mid-ride, so I’m very happy there’s a strap! I sweat a lot, so I love the cover to protect the flywheel and handlebars. I came up on how to use the elastic strap on the face towel;  instead of hanging it on the handlebars of her bike, I put it on my upper arm!  Either way, you can’t lose (your towel, that is)!  I use it two ways – I put the strap high on my arm and tuck it in my top, or I just let it hang. Jean K.

#Catnap27 approved!!!

Might sound crazy but this little addition to my bike has truly upgraded my peloton experience. Great product even better quality. Vanessa L.

Super Necessary...

If you have a Peloton bike and don’t have this towel you’re missing out! I use it everyday and my only regret is that I didn’t have it from day one! James M.

Finally a Cool towel! Fits PERFECT!

This is the BEST idea ever. I never like using the club provided towels and always bring my own. I always need at least two to cover the handlebars. I was so excited to find a drip towel that was made for the Stages bike! It fits perfect! I cant wait for more colors to come out. Buy it! You will love it. Janet H.

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