designed for the bike that goes nowhere

Keeps handlebars dry. Helps protect the bike from moisture. Avoid distraction...never drop your towel again!

  • The spintowel is a two piece towel set for an indoor cycling bike.

    For use in home or in studio. Available for Peloton, Schwinn and Stages handlebars.

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  • drip accessory products are made by fitness lovers, for fitness lovers, designed to enhance and level up your next fitness experience.

spintowel is such a necessity! - Dr. Adam Gvilli

spintowel is such a NECESSITY! - I have been treating indoor cycling instructors for so long finally bought a in home bike and then without knowing what a spintowel was, bought it and love it! Such a necessity.

Best hair tie around.

Cannot say enough about FIT TIES x spintowel high performance hair bands but... 1) They stay PUT!  2) They don't rip out my hair.  3) They don't let my top knot snag and pull my hairline.  4) Handy dandy carrying tin means they aren't lost in the bottomless pit of my purse.  5) They don't stretch out.

I love the spintowel.

I love this product, I was always dropping my towel mid-ride, so I’m very happy there’s a strap! I sweat a lot, so I love the cover to protect the flywheel and handlebars. I came up on how to use the elastic strap on the face towel;  instead of hanging it on the handlebars of her bike, I put it on my upper arm!  Either way, you can’t lose (your towel, that is)!  I use it two ways – I put the strap high on my arm and tuck it in my top, or I just let it hang

The spintowel travels...

I take my RED spintowel along with me when riding at the studio in New York City!

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