The Top 7 Benefits of Spinning Class

THE TOP 7 BENEFITS OF SPINNING CLASS: In this blog we have compiled the top benefits of participating in spin classes regularly.

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Jul 08

The Top 7 Benefits Of Spinning Class

Spin classes offer plenty of health and wellness benefits, for everyday and casual riders alike. While some of the effects are cumulative, others can be felt after just one session. 

If you find yourself wondering “Is it bad to do spin class every day?”, we’re here to give you the answer with the top 7 benefits of taking a spin class!


1. Spin Class Burns Calories.

Is spinning a good way to lose weight? You bet! Despite having a low learning curve, spin classes can build up intensity to burn some serious calories. If you’re serious about dropping some pounds, taking a spin class throughout the week can keep you on track and show results quickly. And best of all, it does it through healthy and natural means – no supplements or fad diets necessary. The work you put in pays off!


2. Consistent Exercise Vastly Improves Heart and Lung Health.

Consistent cardiovascular training helps build the endurance and strength of both the heart and the lungs, making riders healthier and fitter in their daily lives. A side effect of this is that lung capacity increases, anxiety is easier to control, and blood pressure gets better. Not bad for a few hours of spin!


3. Spin Classes Help You Build Lean Muscle.

What will spin class do to my body? It’s a common question that instructors get. It’s tempting to think that spin class only affects the thighs, but it actually helps build definition and lean muscle all the way into the core and back, because of the balance required. As a result, your entire body will shed excess fat, and the increased power and definition of your lower body will stand out even more. (Are those six-pack abs we see on the horizon?)


4. Exercise Reduces Stress Hormones and Boosts Endorphins.

It’s been proven that physical activity reduces cortisol, the main stress hormone, and promotes endorphins and other happy hormones. Your body likes to move, and spin classes are a great way to make it happen! A good ride will also help clear your mind of workplace troubles and other life issues, even for a little while. This leads to fresh perspectives, more confidence, and new solutions.


5. A Good Workout (like spin class) Enhances Mental Health and Alertness.

Tied in to the stress reduction we just mentioned, it turns out exercise is great for mental health. Even on a small scale, the effects are noticeable, bringing you clearer thinking, recall, and a better overall mood that leads to more motivation and positivity. So if you’re thinking about how many times a week to spin, remember that each lesson boosts your mental health!


6. Spin Classes Increase Endurance Safely, With Less Risk of Injury.

If you’re recovering from a broken leg, you wouldn’t take up boxing while it’s healing, would you? Lower-intensity spin classes are an good, low-impact solution for people with lowered mobility or other joint issues, who still want to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Stationary bikes mean no risk of collision or sudden movements, and muscle groups can be limited to focus on the ones you want to work. All in all, it’s a great recommendation for people of all skill levels and health backgrounds.


7. You Have A Great Community In Every Spin Class.

Whether you’re a casual or a constant rider, spin classes offer a sense of motivation and accomplishment that’s hard to find in other, more solo exercises. Cheer on your fellow riders and get cheered on in return, and feel the exhilaration of reaching a difficult goal together. Once you feel the pure energy of a great spin class, you’ll never want to spin alone again!


Is it bad to do spin class every day? For the average person, it might be, but it comes down to you and your needs. Even a few times a week can bring you these 7 benefits, along with many more that are too plentiful to name. And when you’re busy working up a sweat, don’t forget your driptowel so you can focus on just how good it is to push yourself!

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