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This is a great product! I love the three pack of towels. I bought two packs of these and I always have a clean towel every time I ride! Thank you!

Great Product!

Fit like a glove!!

Great product

Awesome product! Repeat buyer! This is a must for those people who SPIN

Love the drip towel for my spin bike

Fits and is functional. I sweat a lot so it was a perfect fix. Draping a towel over the handle bars was a pain because if you dropped it and were clipped in you were stuck. I like the towel that came with this has a loop to hook on the handlebars.


Love my drip accessory.


Works great on the bike, catches sweat and does its job perfectly


I bought products from Drip Accessory to accompany the Peloton I gifted my husband - they're perfect additions, look great on and around the bike and most importantly, they're functional. The handle bar sweat towels fit well, wash well & again, look great. I am super happy with my purchases and will use them again & refer others.

Thanks for a great experience!

Great addition

Great addition to my peloton. Highly recommend


I was thinking about this towel forever and finally pulled the trigger. It does not disappoint! I need 1-2 more to alternate through the week. It’s soft and fits perfectly to help your grip on the bars when sweaty. It doesn’t slide off at all. Get yourself one!

Review the Wiping Towel

Love these towels. Very absorbent and really like the strap that makes it very convenient with the Peloton bike.

It's a gift!

The receipient requested it, as a peleton owner, and loves it!

My spintowel

Love my spintowel it’s perfect.
I have a few as gifts and my friends loved them


So glad I bought the spin towel. Won’t ride without it! Screen cover is great too. Glad to know my peloton is protected.

Drip is the best!!

Works fantastic, great product. Prompt shipping

Perfect product for peloton bike

Like it

This is an okay accessory. Pros: it fits perfectly on my Peloton, and the poppy red color is a great match. Cons: a little flimsy for the price point, and. Covers up a significant part of your handlebars... you have to put your hands underneath for first and second position, which seems to defeat much of the purpose.

Love it

This came quickly and fits my peloton perfectly, washes great. Just what I needed.

towel set

great towel set with quick shipping & processing!

Love it!

Love how these fit perfectly on the bike. Love that they are interchangeable between my husband and I.

I love it and it fits perfectly.

Service was great/

Product was a little pricey, but my daughter said she'd wanted it for a long time, so I got it for her. I could have made it for less than $5.00. I was not aware that the towel and the handlebar towel were rolled up together so I misunderstood the original order, thinking that the towel sent me was the whole order. Thank you for your help and attention. Sincerely. Lynn Hecht

Product as promised

Fits perfectly. Does the job of protecting the screen and looking good when the bike is not in use.

Screen Cover

Perfect accessory to protect your screen.

Not bad...Could be better

Not a bad cover but a few things could be improved in my opinion. 1. It comes with a carry case. Why would I ever need that? I threw it away immediately. 2. It doesn’t cover the speakers in the back where the dust could actually get into the tablet. 3. Words on the front aren’t needed. Maybe have something customizable or just plain. “Keep it Tidy” isn’t something I would ever choose. It does cover the tablet screen though but I wouldn’t buy it again or recommend it without some improvements. Spintowel 2.0 is great though!

Scott- Thanks very much for your suggestions of ways we can improve the screen cover! We are in the process now of developing a new and improved version and should have it available shortly! - drip accessory