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Great product

Fits well on my bike and really keeps dirt out. It's also thick and made well...I love it so far, would recommend!


Amazing product, I am not longer covering my beloved bike in sweat 💦 ❤️❤️

No more sweaty handlebars

I have had my Peloton handlebar cover for a couple of weeks now and just love it. I no longer have sweaty handlebars. I bought several others for Christmas gifts.

KEEP IT TidyTote!⁣

Amazing Customer Service in a day and age where there is no customer service

While I love the products, Drip Accessory seriously has the best customer on the internet. I have made several online purchases only to have the companies be fraudulent or the products arrive not meeting my expectations but it is not worth the hassle of going through the return process. None of those things are the case with Drip Accessory. Not only are the products amazing, but they stand up and own their mistakes and make sure the customer is satisfied.

As for the products, I absolutely love the Peloton handlebar covers and bought several others as Christmas gifts after I bought the first for myself.

The team at Drip Accessory are ridiculously responsive. I sent an email about a problem with my order after hours and had a response in less than an hour.


Stats on the bike and easy clean up! So happy with it!

Love it!

Awesome product!

spintowel is such a necessity!!!

spintowel is such a NECESSITY! - I have been treating indoor cycling instructors for so long finally bought a in home bike and then without knowing what a spintowel was, bought it and love it! Such a necessity.


The SpinTowel is a must have ! Designed to fit over the handlebars of my Peloton bike, It is the perfect addition ...I no longer have to be bothered with sweaty hands or dropping my towel! Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before

In Love

A thicker and stronger material compared to the first generation spin towel! Stays in place and the wiping towel is bigger and better! Catches all my drip!!

I am loving these FIT TIES!

I am loving these FIT TIES! I have fine hair and worry about damage...noticed that these hold that pony in place and because they don't slip and slide they don't break or damage my hair. Now to figure out how to take a picture of my head 🤷‍♀️#MichelleB

I hope she loves it as much as I love mine!

Thanks Courtney and Dave. I ordered as a surprise for a friend. I hope she loves it as much as I love mine!


Awesome product guys!

It is awesome!!! I got one as a gift and instantly purchased one for another friend immediately. Awesome product guys!


I am training for a 70.3 IronMan and the FIT TIES are the one hair tie I don't have to touch thru training for all three sports back to back to excited to share this great product with all my peeps.❤️❤️❤️

GREATLY improved the spintowel!!

Wow! Great customer service!! I've never received an email thanking me for being a repeat customer!!
I want to tell you that we are owners of the original (from the first release)...and you have GREATLY improved the Spintowel!! My husband loves his new poppy red to match his bike gear and the purple is right up my alley.
Used it this morning for the first time. So soft and love the bigger elastic on the face cloth.
I may have to replace my originals and move to all colors just to brighten up our Peloton space!!

Just ordered FIT TIES!

Just ordered the FIT TIE hair ties! I love the spintowel and can't get wait to try these hair bands. I couldn't figure out why I had all these wild hairs sticking off my head and it was because my hair breaking from cheap "pony tail holders"!


I could not WAIT to get my spintowel FIT TIES and they did NOT disappoint! First time ever my little pony bun feels secure. Can't wait to take them for a spin (pun totally intended) tonight on Alex's hip hop ride!!!!

spintowel is an absolute necessity!!

Just ordered 2 Spin Towels for my wife who was recently diagnosed with allergic issues after a recent surgery. As crazy as it sounds, one of the many things that she is now allergic to is the black rubberized material on the Peloton handle bars. Bet you never thought that would be one of the reasons people would by your product. It is going to be a huge benefit for her! Thanks for creating a great product for all of us!

spintowels are fantastic! Perfect for me for all the usual sweaty reasons. Perfect for my wife's hands and her allergy issues. Thanks for a great product! Thumbs up all around! 👍

I cannot day enough about spintowel!

I cannot day enough about Spintowel, as well as Dave and Courtney. My Peloton is naked without it. I want to take care of this special piece of equipment, and spintowel’s design and material allow for that inexplicable amount of sweat to be saved from my mat and remaining body of the bike.

My bike is tucked into a corner of my living room, so it has to be Looking fairly pristine, since that’s my only space for placement. Spintowel helps me with this tremendously. The handlebar set is a difficult to piece to sanitize In my opinion because of the material, and spintowel saves me from that.

Dave and Courtney are just lovely as well. You will not meet nicer or more caring people out there. They love their product, they believe in it, and they will go above and beyond to make it work for you. I have not had any issues with mine specifically, but I know if I did my request would be met with service above and beyond.

Love, love spintowel...

I love it so much I’ll getting a couple more!

Thank you!

Awe thank you for designing it. I received it today. I had the one I got when I bought my peloton but it didn’t cover 3rd position and I was tired of always using wipes after every single ride.

I love my spintowel!

I love how it protects not only my bike but me too!! I sweat so much when I ride so it’s so nice to have dry hands! Plus, I can’t handle the thought of everything getting so gross after a ride without the spintowel, it was actually purchased right after I placed the order for my peloton! I knew it was a must have!

No sweaty hands!

Thanks for making an awesome product! It makes riding my bike a lot more enjoyable since I don’t have to worry about sweaty hands all over the handle bars - and I don’t drop my towel.
Not to mention the colors are fun!

Love the spintowel!

Hi Courtney and Dave, I love your spintowels, They are genius! And you and Courtney have been providing great customer service - thank you! Wish you continued success!

Bought a second spintowel!

I love the product; it took me this long to choose my next color :)
Have a great day. See you on fb with the rest of our Pelo-Family.
Thank you