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Great towels!

My hands get pretty sweaty during my rides. It felt like I was constantly trying to dry them on my pants or towel but it was little help. These towels protect the handle bars but also keep your hands relatively dry by constantly drying as you ride. It is a big difference. I really love them!

Order delay?

How do I get a response regarding my order placed on 5/28? My payment has been processed, I emailed 2 times and sent message on IG. I see that you read my message but no response.

Exactly what you need!

Perfect Bike+ fit!! I’ve bought 3 so I can switch out. I prefer the darker colors to not stain from makeup etc. Buy it! Doesn’t slip! No more slippery hand grips!!

Awesome for the Peloton Bike

It fits perfectly, and never gets in the way. The towel is always in its place, and easy to grab.

Love the Drip towel for Peloton Bike +

I love the Drip towel for my Bike +. It's super comfy and absorbent. I wish a Pride version was made for the Bike + (maybe in the future - hint, hint :-)

My wife loves it

Me: "Would you like you review the drip accessory towel I gave you?"
Her: "I love it. It's perfect. Does exactly what it's supposed to do."

Save your floor!

This fits perfectly under the bike and makes it so easy to keep the floor clean and hygienic - just toss it in the wash.

Great bike towel

The bike towel fits perfectly over my Bike+'s handlebars. I love the material, absorbs my sweat easily. I highly recommend this if you have a Bike+.

Started with a great fit on the bike+, though already showing wear on the handle area of the towel after just a few rides. Still best available in the market !

DIY- fun project

My daughters and I tie dyed these towels! These were so fun to do together! These make the best gift to a family who loves their peloton and likes a creative gift! Awesome company, amazing customer service, and high quality project! 💜💖💙

Bike towel

I bought one for me and one as a gift. My friend loved hers. I am very happy that I got this. So convenient and fits perfectly

Love, love, love!

This fit my Peloton Bike + perfectly! I love that it keeps my handlebars from getting sweaty and gross. I love that the towel hooks right onto the bike handle - no more dropping my towel halfway through a workout! I bought a generic one on Amazon while waiting for the color I wanted to come in stock, and I will never use that one again! Drip Accessory is superior to it.

Bike+ towel

Love the towel, but not the customer service so much! I had to return my first purchase of 2 towels because they were for the Bike not Bike+...,never received my refund! Very disappointed.

“Lucky” towel

This was the perfect gift for my fellow Peloton friends. Our team color is victory green and I feel “lucky” to gift it to them!

fits perfectly

Love the screen cover keeps all the dust and germs off! And the dog hair.

Leopard Perfection

The new print - its Absolutely amazing. It feels fantastic under my hands and stays in place (handlebars don’t move from my hands) and looks so good on the bike! Washes very well. Highly recommend.

I hate sweaty hands

Just like my title says, I hate sweaty hands and I hate sweaty hands on the handlebars even more. This towel cover totally changed my bike+ routine for the better. No more trying to fit a small towel on the handlebars without it slipping off mid-ride. Can’t wait for more colors to come out for the bike+

Love It!

Awesome product and great quality. Fun array of my leopard print.

Perfect pair!

Hated the sweat marks my hands were making! No more towel sliding around! A must have! Love the leopard print!

Awesome product. Fits perfectly and I really like the sweat towel that easily reaches my face while I’m riding.

Peloton Screen Cover

Love, love, love this screen cover. It fits perfectly and protects that beautiful Peloton screen. Very well made and looks very sleek when fitted on the screen. I would highly recommend.

Floor Protector Mat

Love this mat! Unfortunately, the Peloton mat that I ordered was too big for the area I had, but this mat was just perfect! It looks great and is very well made. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Much cleaner than without!

I was getting tired of sweating on my handle bars and then when I'd clean them I felt like they never rinsed well... so then my sweat made them suds up. This is so much better and cleaner! I wash it weekly and it took a couple washes to not leave lint behind. Love it! Getting a second one so I don't have to worry about timing my laundry with my rides. :)

Great Addition to Bike+

Fits perfectly over the Bike+ screen. Reduces dust build up and helps keep screen clean between workouts. Highly recommend.

Fits perfect!

Fits perfect, color has not faded, came quickly(I also had first one stolen and they quickly sent out a replacement- great customer service!), and absorbs well. I will for sure buy again!