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Perfect fit

Does a great job. It’s a perfect fit. Such a nice design.

Love it

The screen protector looks great on my Peloton+. The bike is too expensive not to protect the screen.

Love it!

I was previously just using an old towel to hang over my screen. This fits perfectly and looks so much better!

Didn’t realize how much I needed this!

I bought one set, used it once and immediately purchased two more. One for myself and one for my peloton friend. I get so sweaty during my rides so I love these towels. I have the regular peloton bike and it fits perfectly with enough drape. I love that the separate towel has a loop to hook it to my handlebars. No more dropping towels on the floor and unclipping to retrieve them. ✅

It’s so great

I love it! Attaches securely on my tread. I never have to worry about it falling or where did I put my towel. Great quality and colors.

Good, fitted Bike+ Screen Cover

Well made and protective screen cover. Highly recommend!

These towels are a must!

I have 2 sets for my peloton bike that I love so once I got the tread I wanted to get this set. They are soft with great absorbency and I love that it came with 2 so I am never without a clean towel. Also had an issue with holiday shipping and customer service got me a second set out right away. This company is A+ for their customer service and products!


This screen cover fits my Peloton Bike+ perfectly and keeps it clean and dust free. I couldn’t be happier with it. Great job Drip!

Awesome towel!

These towels are great and love how it comes with an extra towel! Very well made and washes well! Bought many to give out to my Peloton Bike+ owner friends! So glad they were on sale for the holidays!

Great cover!

Love this cover for the Bike+ keeps it dust free!

Love it!

I absolutely love these! I bought one to try it out and ended up buying two more! So nice having something over the bare handlebars keeping the sweat off and making them more comfortable.

Great Bike+ Spintowel

Super soft, great fit over bars, absolutely no complaints!

Another amazing product!

Bought these a few weeks ago and definitely has improved my posture on the Peloton. Once they are strapped on they don't move either which is really a positive as well. Drip just keeps on producing quality! A++++

Spin Towel

Love this towel set. No more sweaty hands on the handle bars. This is a must have for all peloton users.

Fits perfectly and still allows me to place my phone front and center

Having a towel to cover the handlebars is wonderful! But then I was worried that there wouldn't be a good place to keep my phone. Most of the phone stands fit UNDER the towel. Turns out that you can use a flexible phone stand, like the "Airplane Travel Essentials for Flying Flex Flap Cell Phone Holder & Flexible Tablet Stand" by Airglo on I can place it right over the towel, and it stays in place! (No, I'm not sponsored by them and they aren't paying me anything! There are other similar options out there.).

Favorite fabric/please make more!

The leopard print fabric is my favorite, not only in looks, but also the feel of the fabric is amazing! Sweating through a peloton ride, my handlebars are covered and dry. I given them as gifts to my peloton friends.

The accessory I didn’t know I needed.

I had been using a regular bath towel, but I just wasn’t keep up with my sweaty demands.
I use a Wahoo Kicker trainer and while this is a universal fit, it fits nicely. It’s thin enough that it won’t inadvertently get snagged by my pedals, and absorbent enough that after a long ride it keeps my sweat from “leaking” out from the edges.
When you’ve got a product like this that works, you don’t need to fancy gimmicks for promoting it. Drip, let’s the product do the sales. It’s the Bounty paper towels of indoor training sweat absorption.

Refreshing and effective

I’m a frequent Power Zone rider and have used these when I can’t get to clean off just after a ride. Work like a charm!

Retro Colors

I waited over a year for this colorful collection to be offered again. Love it!!!

5 star towel!!

This is my 3rd and 4th drip towel and they never disappoint!! They are getting better and better….softer and softer! Love the pink color and leopard design for my Peloton Bike+ towel! I also purchased the screen protector in the past and it’s still in wonderful condition! I have my bike in the garage and it keeps my screen dust free and protected! Way to go Drip Accessories… you have a lifetime customer!

Love these towels

I got a set just to avoid my borrowed peloton from getting sweat on it. Once I received it I loved them and bought more.

First one was damaged

They sent me a new one! Yayee! Works and looks great now

Love it

This screen cover is a perfect fit on my Peloton Bike + screen. I was very happy that it arrived quickly from the seller (living in Hawai'i items can take a long time to arrive from the mainland). I like the snug fit and it keeps the dust off the screen :) - If anyone had any doubts, doubt no more - I recommend this product, it is easy to put on and take of.

Have two seon while riding.

Have two sets so I can change out mat and towel on regular basis. Very soft and absorbent as well as comfortable to place your hands on while riding.

Second purchase

I loved the first one I bought because it fit the handle bars snug. The one I just bought does not. When I'm using the handlebars, they slide. Maybe it's just a one off.