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I’m glad I have it

It’s a nice product. I don’t have a mat underneath my bike for a couple of reasons and this works with catching sweat and keeping it off of my hardwood floor and bike. It’s easy to clean as well. It could be weighted and maybe have some anti slip dots or something on the bottom as another version for people who don’t have a mat underneath their bikes. I do recommend this.


The towel fits perfectly to our Bike + & protects the handlebars from getting wet/damaged & does not slip. Had this towel washed/dried several times & still in good condition.


This towel really protected our Peloton bike mat from droplets of sweats. Though I wish it is wider because our mat is not totally covered but it's not that exposed. It slides off easily too but not that big of deal. It's also convenient since it is washable & can be dried thru the dryer with no fading/shrinkage.

Perfect Spin Bike Accessory

No matter where your hands are on the handlebars, the spin towel is there and it never slips or moves around while you do!

GREAT product! Highly recommend

If you’re debating whether or not to get this quit thinking about it and just buy it NOW! Also, grab some spin towels/handle bar cover towels as well.


Absolutely amazing!! I use them on my Bike and Tread, they are the true game changer!! I love that it's retractable and you don't have to worry about dropping your towel ever again, and you can just focus on your workout. Also, the towels are so soft, which is amazing. I honestly love all of there products!! I would highly recommend!!

Awesome towel

The fit is perfect and the towel is soft yet strong.

Perfect Product

This has done exactly what’s it’s intended to do and it’s done it to perfection. We have it on top of our Peloton mat and it’s the perfect buffer. Just stick it in the wash and it’s ready to done it’s job. I’ve even bought a second one so there’s no delay when one is being washed. Big fan of the product and an even bigger fan of the brand!

Great Product!

We placed our drip towel on top of our Peloton mat and it’s been great. Easy to wash and saves our mat!

Totally worth it!

As someone who is constantly dropping her towel on rides and runs, these retractable towels are a life saver. Totally worth the investment.

Love this set! I am going to order an extra one!

Love this towel!

Works exactly as one would expect! We now have three towels because they are so fantastic. Recommended to my parents and bought some as gifts! A definite must have to protect the handlebars of the peloton and to catch all the sweat.

From Drip to the Wash

This has kept my floor dry and the area hygienic since we can wash the area regularly under the bike. It looks great too.


I bought this for my Peloton bike because I feel like my towel somehow always drops to the floor. Well - not now! It’s perfect retractable clip is functional and the Velcro strap is adjustable. The towels are a thicker terry and have softened when washed. My only suggestion would be to shorten the Velcro on the retractable clip because you don’t need that much wrapping on the bike. I have ordered three sets!

Generally great

Fits great over the handlebars, and keeps my hands from getting so sweaty. Plus the towel is soft and absorbent. The only problem I have found is that my kitten likes to climb up on the handlebars while I am riding and the towel snags super easily.

Love it!

Fits perfect! Love how it attaches to bike. Works just as described ❤️

On the narrow side, but still glad I got it!

Love this mat!

Love the look of my peloton on my hardwood floors- so didn’t want to place it on the rubber peloton mat. The big sweaty is perfect bc it goes over the Peloton’s legs. I can pick it up easily when company is coming- and is easily washed.

Big Sweaty

Love the big sweaty and the handlebar and towel combo! Bought multiple ones change them out daily!

Great cover

Simple easy to use cover that fits great and is totally perfect for what it’s designed to do!

Very stylish mat. Would love if it were a bit wider.

must have!

i was looking for this exact item. no dropping items and something th catch all my sweat! this item is the best use for both. i will purchase another to switch them out

Exactly what they described

Perfect does exactly what is described

Perfect fit

This towel never shifts or moves or falls. I just love everything about it. Love having the extra towel that I hang from the handlebars. I need to order more!!


Just what we wanted for our bike