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Absolutely Necessary!!

I cant imagine completing a 45 min class without this towel. The amount of sweat the this towel collects saves me a lot of time having to mob the floor after every class. Buy TODAY!

Great Peloton accessory

Fits perfectly on the Peloton bars and is a great accessory to have

Love this!

These towels are exactly what I was looking for! The shaped one covers the handles of my Peloton perfectly and the towel on the elastic is perfect for when the workout gets sweaty. They have a nice feel and the towels are such great quality. I am very happy with my purchase!

Must have!

Love it! I have had my Peloton for about a year and a half and don’t know how I’ve gone that long without this!

Peloton towel

Way toooooo expensive for this. The product is rough and uncomfortable on your hands.

Peloton Spin Towel

Fits perfectly! Will do an excellent job protecting the handle bars.

Great product!

We love the spin towels. I can easily swap them out to be washed. We love them. So glad I had ordered two.

spintowel GRAPE - Peloton Handlebar Towel Set
Spin towel is perfect!

My hands get sweaty so now I don’t have to wear bike gloves

Great Product

I love this product! Drip took a need and created a solution. I would like to see more Peloton bike friendly products from Drip.

Perfect for the Peloton!

Can’t live without it

So happy I made this purchase! Catches alll the sweat, keeps my hands dry and the handlebars dry too.

Now I just need to order more bc i wash this after every ride!

spintowel GRAPE - Peloton Handlebar Towel Set
Great Spintowels

Perfect to protect my peloton handle bars and it comes with the cutest extra cloth to use while working out. Awesome product

Great addition to the bike

Love how it looks

Perfect Accessory

Great quality. Perfect fit over Peloton handlebars. I recommend.

spintowel HOT PINK - Peloton Handlebar Towel Set
Love it

I love it.

Great fabric, great fit

Super comfortable fabric!!! Great design

Great product! Happy with my purchase

You need this!

The screen dust cover, handlebar cover and towel are perfect together. The elastic holder that allows the towel to hang from the handle bars is genius! I used to keep a towel on the bars and it would fall or get in the way--this is perfect. I love them so much I got them as a gift for a fellow rider!

Great fit, amazing fabric

Great quality shirts, very soft and extremely comfortable!!! Ladies tank is a great length!!!

spintowel 2.0 for Peloton

Great item

Fit great and is a great addition to my peloton!

Love this towel set!!!

I purchased the drip towel set (version 2.0) for my Peloton. I love it - the elastic loop is genius - no more towels sliding off my bike when I need it most during a ride. The quality is excellent. Love the red binding - matches the color on my bike. I highly recommend!

Best accessory for my Peloton....PERIOD

I have 4 of these now. The first one I bought was the previous version and the towel was too small. Now that they changed it, I am able to use it for a 60 minute ride and still have some “dry area” left for the end of the workout. Quit thinking about it.....BUY it! You won’t be disappointed!

drip towel

i received and it is a nice towel- but a very expensive one at the end of the day. Nothing that stands out to make me want to buy it again-- sorry

Great product keeps the handlebars sweat clear!

Great product, would be better if it was a tight fit around the middle of the handlebars and didn’t dangle