FIT TIES x spintowel

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FIT TIES x spintowel

Regular price $12.00

Quantity: 5-Pack

Color: Black

The Description

FIT TIES x spintowel hair ties are designed to securely hold your hair in place while training and competing.  The low-profile design, innovative manufacturing process, and proprietary material blend create a superior hair management product that outperforms the competition.  A superior product that won't stretch out, break, or damage your hair. 

FIT TIES retain their shape for life, with a low profile and smooth coated surface that minimizes pull while securely holding hair in place.

A sleek and stylish product that enable you to focus on your performance without being distracted by droopy ponytails.

Adjust your game, not your hair tie.

FIT TIES x spintowel features and benefits:

  • Patent-pending, low-profile design feels light in hair
  • Strength of product makes hair secure even when active
  • FIT TIES retain shape and do not stretch out over time
  • Surface enhanced with smooth, cutting edge clear coating to maximize hair protection
  • Revolutionary product aimed at minimizing damage to hair during use and removal



“In Love A thicker and stronger material compared to the first generation spin towel! Stays in place and the wiping towel is bigger and better! Catches all my drip!!” – Jazmin

“spintowel is such a NECESSITY! - I have been treating indoor cycling instructors for so long finally bought an in home bike and then without knowing what a spintowel was, bought it and love it! Such a necessity.” – Dr. Adam Gvilli NYC

“This towel is a life changer! Perfectly designed. Every cyclist must have one (or two, or three…)” – LB Name: IAmWorthy