HustleHaus Episode #2

HustleHaus Episode #2

HustleHaus Episode #2
Who is using the spintowel?

Gaby, an avid Peloton rider. Gaby never rides without her spintowel. Gaby came up with a new twist on how to use the elastic strap on the face towel; instead of hanging it on the handlebars of her bike, she puts it on her arm! Either way, you can’t lose (your towel, that is)! “I use it two ways – I put the strap high on my arm and tuck it in my top, or I just let it hang,” explains Gaby.

What does a spintowel do?
Well, for one thing, it just looks cool. It also helps keep you cool. Use the hand towel to wipe sweat off of your face during your workout, while your handlebars stay dry and slip-free. The spintowel glides onto your indoor cycle smoothly and easily, and continues to look great even after multiple regular washings. Gaby looks great even after a tough workout, and so does her spintowel!

Why do people love the spintowel?
People love the spintowel because it looks sleek and stylish, keeps your hands and handlebars dry, and helps prevent unnecessary moisture from getting on your bike. No matter what brand of indoor cycle you buy, whether Peloton, Stages, or Schwinn, your equipment is a significant investment, and the spintowel can help protect it.

“I love this product,” enthuses Gaby. “I was always dropping my towel mid-ride, so I’m very happy there’s a strap! And I sweat a lot, so I love the cover to protect the handlebars. The spintowel also makes it safer and more comfortable to hold onto the bars while riding.”

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